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Christy Pike

Christy is the Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar Player for His Fold. She lives in Alexander, NC with her husband Ricky. Christy's musical journey began each Sunday at a young age as she would join the children's Sunday School Class in singing various songs before the Sunday preaching would begin. One of her favorite songs she remembers learning is "HE's Still Working on Me"! 

Christy's musical influence stems from all sides of her family and she is so very blessed to have have a Moma (Judy Clark) and Daddy (Roger Clark) that instilled Christian values in her from birth. To this day, she covets her Christian upbringing and feels very blessed that she has a husband that shares the same love for the Lord that she does! Christy and Ricky enjoy getting to travel together with His Fold in worshipping the Lord in song and praise!

Since becoming a member of His Fold, the Lord has given Christy several songs that are written by HIM! These songs appear on all 6 CD projects that His Fold now has available. 

Christy attends Shepherd's Fold House of Worship in Marshall, NC along with Ricky. She sings in the church choir and in a quartet with her Moma and Daddy. When Christy isn't working for Pike Construction, she is singing and playing gospel bluegrass music, and working on creative things, such as the groups website! Christy firmly believes that It's ALL About HIM Forever and she is always glad that she Get's to for HIM! 


Songs given to Christy from the Lord are Listed Below:
CD: "It's All About HIM"
It's All About HIM ,Glorious Time in Heaven, He's My Rock
CD: "Walk in Thy Faith"
The Light of that City, Walk in Thy Faith
CD: "This is the Day the Lord Hath Made"
Jesus has Never Done Me Wrong, This is the Day
CD: "Songs from HIM"
The Lord is My Shepherd, God's Love, I'm So Glad He Wants Us, We Get To, 
Have You Prayed today?
CD: "Going Back Home"
Going Back Home, Let Go & Let God, God Did It All, I Can Do All Things Through Christ
CD: "Safely Home"
It is He, It's A Good Way, Joy
*** The following Songs were written by Christy's Papaw - Kerfman Clark: 
"The Precious One" (this song is on His Fold's CD Project - It's All About HIM) 
and the song, "It's Alright Now" (this song is on His Fold's CD Project - 
Safely Home)***
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