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Jeremy Elliott


Jeremy is the Vocalist, Mandolin, and Guitar player for His Fold. He and his wife Taisha live in Marion, NC. Jeremy has been engrossed in music all of his life. Beginning at an early age, he traveled all around with his church's choir director in holding shape note singing schools in Western North Carolina and Tennessee. He also enjoyed traveling with his Dad's - Danny Elliott's Group - The Nix Creek Quartet, which made him fall in love with quartet style singing. 

Jeremy bought his first mandolin at the age of 18 for his birthday. After much practicing and even more praying, Jeremy learned to not only play the mandolin, but he also learned to play the guitar. Not long after, Jeremy traveled with Crossroad Quartet where he sang bass for over 10 years. The Lord has not only blessed Jeremy with singing and playing, HE has also blessed Jeremy with writing songs. Several of these songs appear on all 6 of His Fold's CD Projects. The song "Dad's Old Bible" which is dedicated in loving memory to Jeremy's Dad is a very special song that the Lord gave him the words to. This song depicts the meaning of a father and son relationship that is based on following God's word - The Holy Bible! Jeremy wanted this song to resinate with listeners in understanding how important and priceless it is to have strong Christian family ties and how these ties can influence one's life in knowing the Lord as one's personal Savior and in following God's Word!   

Jeremy and his wife Taisha attend Harvest Time Baptist Church in Marion, NC. When Jeremy isn't working as a Technology Technician II for McDowell County Schools, he enjoys watching football  - he is a huge Miami Dolphin's Fan! 

Songs given to Jeremy from the Lord are Listed Below:
CD: "It's All About HIM"
Victory is Sure
CD: "Walk in Thy Faith"
Rough Roads, Just Call on Him
CD: "This is the Day the Lord Hath Made"
Dad's Old Bible, I'm Tellin' Everybody
CD: "Songs from HIM"
Keep Your Eye's on Jesus, Have Mercy on Me, I Ain't Afraid of Dying,
Always There
CD: "Going Back Home"
Nothing Good, On My Knees
CD: "Safely Home"
Not The First Cross I've Built, Safely Home, What A Change HE Made
***The Following Songs were written by Jeremy's Dad - Danny Elliott: "I Can See Jesus" that is on His Fold's CD Project (It's All About HIM). "I Didn't Know" that is on His Fold's CD Project (Songs from HIM). My Savior Indeed that is on His Fold's CD Project (Going Back Home) and "God of The Mountain" that is on His Fold's CD Project (Safely Home)***
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