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Ricky Pike

The Song "Not the First Cross I've Built" on His Fold's CD Project Safely Home was inspired by Ricky from a personal experienceas he was building the cross for the church, where he and Christy attend. 


Ricky is the Stand-up Bass Player for His Fold. Ricky lives in Alexander, NC with his wife Christy. Ricky always had a interest in music and as a young adult the desire in wanting to play an instrument became increasingly strong. The Lord granted Ricky this desire as he learned to play the stand-up bass. Ricky would go to  weekly Tuesday night community "Pickings" at Roger Brown's house (Roger is His Fold's Banjo Player) and he feels that this greatly helped him learn. Not only does Ricky play the Stand-up Bass for the group, he set's up the sound system, drives the van, and does the bookings. The Lord has also granted Ricky the ability to learn to play the guitar, he plays for the church choir where he and Christy attends - Shepherd's Fold House of Worship in Marshall, NC . Ricky is also the Sunday School Superintendant there and counts this a great blessing! Ricky is a NC Licensed General Contractor and when he isn't working on building a house, etc.,  he is playing gospel bluegrass music, working on hot rods, fishing or hunting! 

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